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LED spotlight Super Mini

The SuperMini is a versatile, ultra compact, highly efficient light. It can be utilized as a general purpose light, an auxiliary light, or as the primary light for smaller vehicles. It features small dimensions and low power consumption, while still having high output for it’s size. Its size allows it to be placed on virtually any vehicle (Auto, Tractor, ATV, Motorcycle, etc.). The light can be ordered in four variations, WORK (wider work beam), MID (mid beam)
Superminis are in use in hundreds of pieces on the rallys (eg. Dakar 2013), off road voyages in Africa, Asia and Europe, or even on baloons. 2 years quarantee.




Supermini MID: Middle wide beam, 25° coverage. Range ~330 ft (100m)
Supermini WORK: Wide beam, 65° horizontal and 35° vertical coverage. Range ~165 ft (50m) 



  • High strength aluminum CNC-milled aluminum alloy housing
  • Extreme environmental protection (IP69K Compliance)
  • Ruggedized high efficiency electronics
  • Thermal, reverse polarity, and overvoltage protection
  • Built and tested in Europe with parts primarily sourced from European and American suppliers.
  • CE and RoHS conform


Technical data:

  • Power consumption: ~12 Watt
  • Supply voltage: 11-30V DC
  • Light output: 1500lm
  • Weight: 0.14kg
  • Dimensions, housing: 44x42mm
  • Power connection: Superseal male connector (female connector with 1m wires is included)