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PRO pannier system for R1200GS / Adv with Nomada PRO II panniers


The great advantage of this system is the exhaust cut which makes it 10 cm narrower than the traditional.

You can choose the set with 2x31, 2x 38L or 2x 45L Nomada PRO II panniers

2 pannier rack options:

-powder coated in black
-in stainless steel

Set contains:

-right case Nomada PRO II: 31, 38L or 45L
-left case Nomada PRO II:  31, 38L or 45L with cut
-pannier rack with mounting kit
-mounting kit for 2 cases

each Nomada PRO System has already installed mounting kits on the panniers. You do not have do drill holes on the panniers

Note: Locks are not included in the price of the set.

More about Nomada PRO II panniers shown on the picture here



width: width of the set:

2 x 31L - only 80cm (World record ;)

2 x 38L - only 88cm

2 x 45L - 96cm

  • locks with mounting on the panniers
    locks with mounting on the panniers

    [90-121] 1 lock with mounting on top-case (M, Photo, L) [90-122] 2 locks with mounting on top-case L+ or XL [90-124] 4 locks with mounting on 2 panniers (SET)...

  •  sticker Continents
    sticker Continents

    - makes the  look of your cases more attractive - because the sticker is a the contour of the continents inside you can point the places were you’ve been or...

  •  holder + canister 3L
    holder + canister 3L

      Perfect solution for travellers going on a long journey - additional 3 l of fuel in one pannier and 3 l of water in the second - specially travellers in Africa...

  •  inner bag NOMADA
    inner bag NOMADA

    - Strong and durable - made of black Cordura - broad stripes with a yellow inscription on the handle: - printed NOMADA logo on the side of the bag...

  • 4 pcs. lower strap bracket with mounting on 1 pannier
    4 pcs. lower strap bracket with...

    if 1 pannier needs 4 brackets, 2 panniers need 8 brackets

  •  Nomada PRO table
    Nomada PRO table

    NOMADA brand   - very light (made from 2 mm aluminium metal sheet) - the high quality, laser processing + anodizing - not taking the place in the case...

  • Carry Handle for Cases
    Carry Handle for Cases

    Comfortable practical handle to move the cases, light enough that it can be carry on the case (always handy) - Belts with adjustable length, so the handle will be...

  • NOMADA-belt

    Wide luggage belt (40mm) to tie large items such as tents, bags on the cases or on the rack - strong, quick-clamp buckle - Lenght: 150, 200 or 250 cm -...

  •  holder + canister 2L - set
    holder + canister 2L - set

    Sturdy stainless steel holder for our 2 litre canister including 2 expanding straps and fixing material. With this holder you can fix the canister firmly, for example...

  • Bottle holder
    Bottle holder

    HOLAN's prod. - Mounted on the case - The standard bottle of 0.5 or 0.7 liters - You can carry for example oil for the engine and drink - Included: straps with...

  • Adv-box for Nomada PRO panniers
    Adv-box for Nomada PRO panniers

    HOLAN / NOMADA brand ON SALE - new price 50 euro, (old price was 75 euro)

  • 6 pcs. lower strap bracket with mounting on 1 pannier
    6 pcs. lower strap bracket with...

    if 1 pannier needs 6 brackets, 2 panniers need 12 brackets