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1.1. The owner and the coordinator of the online shop on the website is B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling.



Terms used herein mean:

2.1. Rules and Regulations – this document is available on website. It defines rules of making contracts and selling contracts. This document is an integral part of these contracts.

2.2. Online shop – transactional website on conducted by B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling where products for sale are presented, and where selling contracts are made between consumers and B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling

2.3. Product – product is a subject of a selling contract. Products are presented on the website ( within Sales campaign. Products come directly from manufacturer / producer. They are original, brand products and high quality accessories for motorcycles.

2.4. Contract – contract about electronically supplied services into which customer enters voluntarily with B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling once the registration was affirmed.

2.5. Selling contract – selling contract of products mentioned in product offer between B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling and the customer according to rules mentioned above.

2.6. Registration – procedure leading to creation of the account that enables identification of the user on the online shop. User is identified by login consisting of sequence of signs (required to enter in a selling contract with B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling).

2.7. Selling Price – the selling price of product to customer by B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling. The price is determined by the information given in selling campaign according to offer made by customer. The selling price given in the Selling campaign does not include delivery costs.



3.1. To use the online shop, a user needs an access to the device with access to the Internet and with program to browse websites.

3.2. Due to the fact that user uses electronically supplied services by B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling under the agreement, user is not allowed to provide illegal contents.



4.1. B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling presents products for sale on-line. Information about products is laced on website and only users are the ones who can purchase these products.

4.2. Creating and using the account on the website is part of services supplied by B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling. The account is free and voluntary.

4.3. Registration procedure consists of filling in the form that is available on website and accepting these rules and regulations.

4.4. Accepting the rules and regulations by user means making the following declarations:
(a) I have read these rules and regulations and I accept all of them;
(b) I voluntarily decided to use services of the online shop ( );
(c) Personal data from the registration form, that may be changed while using the services of the internet shop, are truthful, legal and do not violate third-party rights.

4.5. User is obliged to give truthful personal data in the registration form. Personal data includes: name, surname, e-mail address (except so-called temporary e-mail addresses) and password.

4.6. Account contains personal data of the user that was given in registration form. In case of any change of personal data, user should promptly update them using proper form available on the website.

4.7. The user of the account is not allowed to put third party’s personal data into registration form, nor the image of the third party without permission regulated by law, or without the permission of the third party.

4.8. It is forbidden to delete personal data mentioned above by user while using the services of B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling .User is not allowed to give incomplete, no longer current or false personal data.

4.9. User cannot have more than one account assigned to one e-mail address.

4.10. Due to important reasons (such as the change of provisions of law, actions of the user working against the internet shop, breaching of the rules and regulations by the user) contract between the user and B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling (concerning specific account) may be terminated by B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling

4.11. If the contract was terminated by B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling, the user is not allowed to do re-registration without the prior permission of B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling.

4.12. In cases mentioned above, B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling will delete the account of user. As the consequence of this deletion, personal data of the user will be irrevocably deleted. B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling reserves the right to preserve personal data of the user from the account to vindicate potential claims related to using the online shop, to disclose personal data to competent authorities or in other cases regulated by law.



5.1. Sale contracts are made in electronic form via form available on B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling online shop.

(a)  The customer processes payment via PayPal (no credit cards can be accepted). Delivery time is counted from the moment of obtaining a positive transaction authorization.

5.2. Purchased product is delivered by Courier Company. Under special circumstances (agreed between B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling and the customer) it is possible to collect product personally after earlier arrangement. Goods will have to be collected from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

5.3. Terms of delivery are regulated by separate provisions. The delivery is made to address indicated by customer in order. Transport and delivery costs of products are paid by customer. Information about delivery costs are provided either on the website or based on email consultation with the supplier.

5.4. Lack of payment for the goods within 14 days from making sale contract means termination of this contract.


6.1. B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations due to important reasons (especially due to technical or/and judicial reasons).

6.2. In case of amendment to rules and regulations B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling will inform users by publishing consolidated text of Rules and Regulations on the website.

6.3. In case of change or cancellation of any provision of these rules and regulations due to valid court decision, other provisions are still valid and bind B.D.S. Adventure Motorcycling and user.