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4 Integral locks for NOMADA & Zega PRO Panniers (set for 2 cases)


All of NOMADA & Zega Panniers feature a very rugged locking
mechanism operated by a screwdriver or coin. It easily
withstands salt, sand and dirt. The locking mechanism
looks like a keyed lock but is much more robust.
Additional padlocks (see above) protect against
theft. Our integral locks are well suited for everyday use and easy to operate.
To mount the integral locks you have to remove the existing locks.
Enlarge the hole with a file (use the template provided).
Then fit the lock. Our integral locks are high-quality locks made
by renowned manufacturers.

We also supply our integral locks keyed alike.
When ordering please specify if you want us to match the keys.

Weight : 0,10kg

  • locks with mounting on the panniers
    locks with mounting on the panniers

    [90-121] 1 lock with mounting on top-case (M, Photo, L) [90-122] 2 locks with mounting on top-case L+ or XL [90-124] 4 locks with mounting on 2 panniers (SET)...